October 2007 | explodedsoda

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why I dislike essays.

Despite the fact that I am a decently talented writer, especially when it comes to essays, I absolutely abhor the act of writing them. I hate being told to write this about this and argue a point about it.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing, but I enjoy writing when it's something I'm passionate about or something I believe in. If I didn't like writing I wouldn't post blogs. I do not enjoy writing when it's a topic being force fed to me.

Such is the case of the essay I just finished working on. After a whole day of procrastination, which involved cleaning my computer and keyboard, and some porn [procrastination orgasms are arguably some of the best], and enjoying even some of the most pointless of websites, I finally decided I had reached the point where my only option was to start the essay.

We were given a choice of topics. I chose this one: "What brought about the upheavals of 1857? What happened? How would you characterize the uprising?"

The first two questions only ask me to regurgitate the knowledge I have been given through the books for the class and the in class lectures. This type of knowledge regurgitation requires little to no thought process, as the materials you need [books, notes, intArweb, etc] are at your disposal.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Since I got back to college I've been asking people to send me letters. Yes email and phone calls are nice, but there's a certain feeling you get when you open your mailbox and find a letter just waiting for you. Maybe this is because someone actually took the time to handwrite a letter just for you. Or maybe I'm just insane and I'm the only person who gets giddy when finding something in my mailbox.

I got a letter from my friend, Kyle last week. I wrote him a reply only to realize I have no stamps. Everyday I had free time I went down to the post office not far off campus. But, every time I was there the line was insane and they only had one person working. I'm not big on standing in lines so I'd leave. (This post office doesn't seem to have one of those amazing stamp vending machines either).

So I did what I do best. I ordered a roll of 20 stamps online. I did this five days ago on the 20th. It said on the site that orders take one business day to ship.

It's been five business days. The status of my order is still "In progress. Usually ships within 1 business day."

How hard is it to mail stamps? They don't need any special packing. Hell for all I care they can use one of my stamps to mail me my stamps. Take one off, put the stamps in an envelope and put one of my stamps on said envelope. I don't really care, but I can't imagine it would take 5 days to package and ship a roll of stamps. Five days ago I wasn't in desperate need for stamps, but it's starting to get to the point of "I really need to send my reply letter soon before Kyle thinks I'm some sort of jackass."