Monday, September 8, 2008

The Vas Deterrence

I was thinking today, which is frightening for most if you know me, and some reason driving by a daycare in a poorer neighborhood made me think of the abundance of teen and unwed pregnancies. Now I know while some people, like that group of girls at Gloucester High School, may actually want to get pregnant for some crazy ass reasons (force the boy to stay with you, to get a ring, to have someone to love you, to have something that poops everywhere and spits up all the time), I figure most of these pregnancies aren't a good thing.
So. My solution was vasectomies for all males once they hit puberty. Come on, they're almost 100% reversible now, like a zip tie for the vas deferens. When the guy gets engaged or something he can have it removed.

Then I realized the problem with this (well other than the blaringly obvious human rights issues) is that it would probably cause STD rates to jump like crazy. Imagine it.

"Come on baby, you can't get pregnant! I don't need to wear one."

Oh well. Guess you can't fix some problems 100%.