Friday, August 27, 2010

The longest Friday EVER

I have been at work, on the clock, for 7.5 hours. I have been at work 8 hours thanks to the maintenance guy at our apartment showing up at 8:45am (an hour before I even need to leave), waking me up, moving all our furniture out of the living room AGAIN, and unplugging our internet, causing me to desire to leave early.

I have gotten 6 calls today. 6. And I know 4 of those have been within the last hour and a half. That was 2 calls across the span of 6 hours.

What did I do all day?

Came in.

Got some water.

Sat down and logged into my computer.

Started the crossword.

Read my daily webcomics.

Checked Facebook.

Played Frontierville.

Watched some Weird Al videos.

Made some oatmeal.

Caught up on Weird Al songs that have come out since 2006.

Listened to more Weird Al on my iPhone (I am going to see Weird Al in concert tomorrow can you tell I am excited about this?)

Did more of the crossword.

Got stuck on the crossword.

IMed people.

Thought about blogging.

Got my first 2 calls of the day.

Drew a picture in MS paint of a dolphin doing long division.

Ate my measly peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

Stole almond M&M's from a coworker's desk.

Started the sudoku.

Got stuck on the sudoku.

Googled ways to solve hard sudoku puzzles.

Gave up on sudoku.

Decided to take pictures of my desk area.

Thought about blogging.

Decided to blogging.


Decided to upload pictures I just took to blog.

This is my computer. It is the source of most of my entertainment.

Here's my mouse and the remains of some fruit snacks my coworker gave me because he is AWESOME.

Here's my unfinished crossword and sudoku. Feel free to finish them for me.

Here's a notepad, for taking notes; my pokewalker; the pen and pencil used for sudokus and crosswords (and note taking); and the remains of my bowl of oatmeal.

This is my glass of water. It is for drinking.

This is the ceiling directly above my desk. It is not that interesting.

This is me in the process of going insane from boredom.

Here is the side of the desk that I obviously don't really use, ever. Except as a place to put my keys and manilla folders.

And this is the bane of my existence.

Then I decided to make a blog.

7th call! Gotta go!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Name Part 1: Often misspelled.

People always manage to misspell my name. Usually they get the first name right but the middle and last names are, more often than not, usually fucked up. I'm not sure why this keeps happening, all parts of my name are fairly simple. It's not like I have a last name that is lacking vowels or anything.

The reason I bring this up is I just decided to join a gym. The conversation before taking my ID picture went like this.

Him: "So it's spelled K-Y-L-E then LASTNAMELETTERS-M-E-N?"

Me: "M-O-N"

Him: "Ah okay, yeah haha, I don't even see how I would've gotten that wrong, it's definitely an O on your paperwork"

And my ID says "M-A-N"

...How that happened I'm not really sure.

But it's a common misspelling for me. I suppose my less-than-amazing handwriting doesn't help as the last three letters of my name, when written, do often look like "man" rather than "mon" when I squish things together or when I'm too lazy to pick my pen up all the way and it leaves that thin little line between O and N.

But then there are friends on Facebook who spell my name wrong.

My name is spelled correctly right there. On the profile that you're writing on. How can you mess that up? It makes me sad. :(

I do not have a double first name. Kyle is my first name. Anne is my middle name. I did go by Kyle Anne for a long time during school because I was sick of being teased about having a guy's name, but it never officially became my first name. It does not have a dash, nor is it one word. It is still First Name then Middle Name. Just a space will do.

I've also had some friends ask me why other friends/people only call me Kyle, since "Isn't your name Kyle Anne?" Well, no, my name IS Kyle, and sometimes it's just faster/easier to drop the Anne.

Also, Anne has an E. I have actually spelled this aloud this for people and watched them write it without an e. Some people apparently think Anne with an E is pronounced "Annie." These people are stupid.

There were many times in high school that no matter how many papers I turned in with my name spelled right I'd still get shit back with it spelled wrong. I used to want to get a highlighter and turn shit back in with that E in Anne circled and highlighted.

But, for now, I need to go find a Sharpie and turn that "a" on my ID into a black dot that will make it look more like my actual name.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My first real job

I work at a help desk.

It's not exactly what I thought I'd be doing with my $100k+ BS in Computer Science degree but, thanks to the wonderful economy (and possibly my university teaching, what I consider to be, outdated courses), it's all I've got for now.

I actually even got hired almost a month before graduating, so that was fun; working full-time and going to school full-time, except that one day class that I HAD to skip to go to work. Dedication much? I suppose you could call it that, but I really need a j
ob, and it was okay because it was some bs web design class using ruby on rails anyway.

I worked a customer service job (at an arcade, which is not as fun as you may thing) through high school and through every summer of college, 7 summers total. I knew that one day I wanted a job where my dealings with customers would be minimal, if at all.

So I went into computer science.

And now I have a job answering phones.

Yeah that definitely did not go as planned.

The way my company works is we are a help desk for other companies. Companies pay our company to provide help to their employees, most of these companies are law firms. Lucky for me I got placed on a team that only helps ONE law firm, which makes it easy, in comparison to the other teams that deal with probably somewhere 5-15 clients.

I've learned a lot of things, such as:
  • Microsoft Word, and actually most MS Office software, has a lot of interesting features that would have made writing papers a hell of a lot easier had I known about them earlier.
  • Law firms are weird, they use weird software and they do weird things with normal software.
  • I would never want to be a legal secretary. Ever.
  • Somehow some people are REALLY good at breaking software, or maybe it's just because they do weird things with it that the software freaks out.
  • I do not want to answer phones the rest of my life.
  • Most Local IT guys for the company are lazy, deal less with the users, and (probably) make more than me. Ideal job right there.
  • Working 10-7 is not as awesome as I thought it would be.
  • People, for the most part, are stupid.
I've been asked by some friends and family to share some of the more amusing calls I get, and to be honest there aren't very many. Most calls are legit "Halp! Outlook/Word/Word Addon/Document Management System is breaking."
So far I've only been on the phone about two months so here's a recap of my most amusing/wtf calls.

  • Lady calls in as her sound isn't working right, she says she can barely hear it but the system volume is turned all the way up. I ask if she can turn the speakers up but she's unsure where the speakers are. I decide to proxy into her computer because, well, I don't have many other options and maybe I can see if she even has speakers.

    I connect and mess with her volume and can hear the system tone loud and clear through the phone, I ask what it is she can't hear. She brings up a YouTube video. I then spend the next 3 minutes explaining the YouTube video's own volume controls. Yep.

  • Guy calls in asking for the email address to log in. I tell him it should be his normal log in. After a bit of back and forth about trying to figure out what he needs he finally says the word "remote" and I realize he's asking for the web address to get to the remote login. Not confusing at all.

  • One repeat caller seems to have an issue when rearranging folders (such as Outlook folders or Favorites folders) or moving items into said folders, and always seems to let go of the mouse button too soon and calls us to find where the lost item got dropped.

  • I've had a few unhelpful people too. Why call me if you're just going to tell me you can't do what I need you to do so I can fix it? Seriously. I understand you need to do your job but, if you do this for me I can make your job easier by getting someone to fix that machine that's broken for you!
Maybe someday this job will become more amusing...I hope.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lolla & Pickles

I recently found that despite my earlier expectations that pickle juice is, in fact, delicious.

AND according to the Internet it's a good hangover preventative / cure.

So two weekends ago was Lollapalooza here in Chicago, which I easily dropped $200+ on for a 3-day pass despite not knowing who other than Lady Gaga, Devo and Green Day were playing. I worked a half-day the Friday of and went straight down to Grant Park to
meet up with my boyfriend and his friends. They had worked quite hard in preparing "road sodas" or in this case water bottles filled with vodka since you were only allowed to bring in two factory sealed water bottles.

Well how did we keep them factory sealed if we filled them with vodka? Super glue. Yep, super glued the caps back to that little strip although I have a feeling we didn't even need to do that because the people checking bags just kind of saw full water bottles and were like "Kay you're good."

So needless to say we all got a little drunk while at Lolla, a water bottle full of vodka is quite a bit of vodka. So we went to Devo because I wouldn't shut up about how awesome Devo would be. And they were awesome, and old, and awesome because they were old.

Hahah oh Devo I love you.

And then we watched Matt&Kim and Chromeo and then was Lady Gaga who was amazing even though halfway through her show my dear, beloved Sony Cybershot died for good with its lens sticking out. Even after a good few smacks to the lens I was still unable to revive it. (I would then later lose all the subsequent pictures I took on my iPhone after restoring it from a backup. I'm so SMRT).

I was pretty upset about that and remember complaining about it during a song I didn't much care for while all my incoherently, drunk boyfriend could say was "She's covered in blood. Kyle look, Lady Gaga is all bloody." "My fucking camera won't work!" "But she's got blood on her!" Yeah.

By the end of the evening we were all pretty incredibly drunk, I nearly lost my iPhone while laying in some grass and had to go running back to find it. I believe we made a Taco Bell run and I ended my drunken night by drinking some pickle juice we had in the fridge. I managed to take such a big gulp that the saltiness hit me right in the throat and I was unable to breath for a second. But delicious, pickley goodness none the less.

And I woke up mostly bright eyed and bushytailed the next morning with no horrible hangover, ready to make some more road sodas and get back to the showgrounds.

Saturday was kind of meh at Lolla. I dragged the group we were with to AFI since I had loved them back in high school. And we learned that mango smoothies can mask the taste of well over half a water bottle of vodka. This was probably more of a bad thing to learn in hindsight. Green Day was the headliner that night and they were much better than I expected, to be honest. Or maybe that was because I was so drunk. Who knows! I was rocking out man. One of the boyfriend's friends and I even had a mini-mosh pit, just the two of us. I'm pretty sure we looked insane. Their show was great, they even let a fan come up and sing the entirety of "Longview" and gave him a guitar after. Night of that guy's life right there.

I got to borrow my boyfriend's camera by this point so I was able to take more pictures, hooray.

I dislike getting random people's faces in my pictures. I feel like they will feel awkward if they ever stumble upon my photo of them, which would subsequently make me feel awkward.

After Green Day we decided it would be a good idea to go to a bar, so we did. And we drank more and played a giant game of Connect 4 which my teammate and I got our asses handed to us. After this bar we decided to go to another bar where we could dance and we danced until probably near 4am.

Then we were hungry! And we decided to walk home and get pizza on the way, forgetting that we were a decent distance from home. But luckily I got a piggyback ride out of it! And we got pizza, and it was good, and I drank more pickle juice before passing out on the couch somewhere near 4am watching Jersey Shore.

And then I once again woke up feeling fantastic the next day. We made one, final, road soda with the remaining vodka we had, after mixing the last of our Svedka, Dimitri and Gordon's we had a full water bottle and one disgusting tasting vodka. Needless to say, I didn't drink any vodka on Sunday, especially after seeing the face my boyfriend made after taking one sip of it. Plus vodka and I have a history of not getting along, but those are stories for another day.

Sunday was kind of a bust, Cypress Hill was really the only band worth noting and they were awesome. And they had a giant bong, and I'm pretty sure I got a very long lasting contact high from being in the crowd for them since the majority of their songs were about smoking and there seemed to be a very distinct haze hovering over the crowd for them.

But the rest of the day was spent listening to bands we thought would rock but instead sucked or we didn't know enough of their music to care. We didn't even stay though the headliners that night.

Instead we left, got even more Taco Bell and watched Entourage and Hung and ended our awesome weekend with the last of the pickle juice.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dream Weaver

I've always had weird dreams but usually I only have maybe one a week, but I've been having them nearly every night for a week now.

I will blame my pillows.

Two days ago I was dreaming about work, about being late for work and for some reason showing up to work in my pajamas/without my pants (how cliché). Also at some point in this dream I was at Wendy's ordering food while at the same time freaking out about being late for work, and pantsless. Priorities.

Had some strange ones this morning, ones involving needing to get a stray cat spayed immediately and trying to find a place that would do it free. Also something about Halloween and there was a lake or pool that was green.

This probably all means I am crazy, and is foretelling my future as a pantsless, crazy cat lady.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The joys of moving.

I moved to a new apartment this past weekend. My first time moving in about a year and a half. I was living in a tiny, disgusting studio that will probably be condemned within the next few years, and if it's not then I will be thoroughly surprised. I cannot express enough how very grateful I am to be done with that hellhole.

Now I live with two girls, one who was also a comp sci major at my university and the other a friend of hers since high school who majored in health sector management. We are 3 complete nerds and at our new apartment we have three Xbox 360s, three Wiis and one Playstation 3. Two of us are former WoW addicts (and both of us will probably start up again once the nice weather leaves).

I hate the process of moving. I hate packing, I hate moving the packed stuff and then I hate unpacking. I also hate moving two goldfish in a 29 gallon tank. What a pain in the ass.

And of course I wait till the very last minute to pack. And empty the goldfish tank. And do any sort of preparation other than procure a new apartment and roommates.

I was dreading moving day, absolutely dreading it. I'm not sure why, but I wanted it over as soon as possible. And then of course the tenants of the apartment we were moving in to were unable to move out till late in the day and I spend the majority of my Saturday stressing about the upcoming move. Would I forget something? Would the fish tank get dropped/smashed? How the hell are we going to move my futon? Why do I have so much shit to move?

Luckily the contents of my small studio were able to be moved in two carloads and the bigger items (futon) were moved in the back of a truck belonging to a friend of one of my new roomies. Still took about 4 hours to move, and then two more days to unpack but now I'm comfortable, and so are my two fatty goldfish, in my new apartment.

Unfortunately right now my apartment has no Internet, and I am bored out of my mind with nothing to entertain me but my iPhone and my Wii.

My Wii that just came in today and that I have no games for and all my roomie's games are in boxes somewhere still. My Wii that does not play DVDs.

I left my 360, my laptop with a DVD drive, my TV antenna and the book I'm currently reading at my boyfriend's house, I guess for some reason expecting to still be staying there 99% of the time.

So for tonight, my only form of entertainment is to sit here, with my brand new Wii, making Miis all night and seeing how well I can play Wii Sports games while lying in bed.

I bet I look ridiculous.