Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just wanted to say that I'm not dead!

October and November have been incredibly stressful and busy. I broke my main laptop and it was gone for a few weeks. I changed jobs and my new job does not give me as much free Internet (or Minecraft) time. Plus the transition was slightly stressful trying to learn new things and tying up loose ends at my old job.

Luckily, my new job is not answering phones for law firms! I am so incredibly happy about that. Now, after college I originally said "There is no way in hell I am ever going to program for a job, I hate programming, I want to do IT." Well, after doing offsite IT I'd have to say that a programming job is very welcome. I just have to brush up on my rusty SQL skills (and learn Linux and PHP).

I still haven't finished my Minecraft post. There have been so many updates to the game and I've had so little time to update.

What have I been doing other than all that? I don't really remember much else other than sleep, work, and stress.

I dressed up as a female, slutty, Darth Vader for Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday, however this year all we had to drink was vodka. Vodka and I (my stomach mostly) have a well known history of not getting along. So for 3 hours of drinking I had 3 drinks. And then spent the rest of the evening doubled over the toilet vomiting those 3 drinks back up. Hooray.

Oh. And my boyfriend got a kitten. He figured if he was taking care of my cat (which, really he just lets my cat live in his house and I still buy her food and clean her box) that he should get his own. So I found some adoptable kittens through a rescue (so I guess this is as just as much my own fault) and forwarded the info on to him. By the end of the night they approved him for adoption and he brought himself home a new little boy kitten, Gizmo.

This kitten is the polar opposite of my cat. My cat has no interest in food, which was a big letdown cause I wanted to train her but she has no interest in treats, however Gizmo is into everything. We fill up his foodbowl and he's immediately there chowing down. We're eating and he's trying to get into our food. His foodbowl is empty and IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD OH MY GOD.

Oh and he LOVES playing with plastic bags at 3am that he somehow gets into the bedroom. And is obsessed with touching my face while I'm sleeping. So glad that my Squeeks has grown out of that phase.

Anywho, I have more beers to drink and college football to watch with my family.

Here, have some pics of me as female Darth Vader.