Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Go me!

I don't know why, but I've always been really bad at talking to people I like.  Especially in person but, oddly enough for me, just as bad over the Internet or text.  Even if I know the person has shown an interest in me too if they don't message me for a while I start to get all "Oh I'm probably annoying them/they're busy so I'll just wait for them to talk to me!"

This is funny because, from what I've learned by talking to guys I've done this to before, it turns into this cycle of them thinking the same thing of me.  Then them saying years later, "Yeah I always liked you but you never talked to me so I thought I was bothering you."

But, even knowing that, I still fail miserably at it.

Yesterday I built a bookshelf for my room!  Actually, I had bought said bookshelf back in, uhhhh, September or October and just had never bothered to put it together.  I felt so productive, it was great, and it looks great!  Now I just have to get all the random shit off the floor and make it look presentable before my dad gets into town this weekend.  I'm going to try and talk him into buying me a bigger dresser.  I have so many clothes (and such a tiny ass dresser) that I'm out of places to put them all!

In other news, I stopped going to the gym back in October or November.  Whenever it got cold and I was like "fuck that" to walking there, then turned into a huge fatass (not really).  I started up just this month again.  Lemme tell ya, I am so effing out of shape it's ridiculous.  13 minutes on the treadmill, I wasn't even RUNNING, and I thought I was gonna die.  Good job body!

If there's a zombie apocalypse anytime soon I am so fucked, I can't even get Rule #1 down!

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