Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Not the End of the World

I keep hearing that the end of the world is coming up on Saturday, which if it was would be a major disappointment because not only do I have a hair appointment but it's Internet Prom which I plan to enjoy with no date and a few brewskis.

I know, I'm so fucking cool.

But, if you actually read the guy's prediction (yes I read the whole thing because, again, I'm just that fucking cool) you'd see that the end of the world is actually in October. What's really coming on Saturday is just the Rapture.  So, really, nothing is going to happen except all the godless heathens like myself get to stay down here on Earth and party through 5 months of torment before the world catches fire and we all die. 

For all you sinless folk you get to go party it up with Jesus for eternity; I have a feeling he doesn't throw very fun parties though.

I'm going to assume there will still be some heathen hairdressers available to do my hair; Internet Prom will still have some people going (hell maybe I'll get a date after someone else's date gets Raptured); and unless 5 months of torment means all the beer in my fridge is going to disappear (which, now that I think about it, it might) I should still be able to get my brewski on.

So, all in all, since I don't really know a lot of people who aren't godless heathens and/or sinners, I'm assuming I'll get to spend the next 5 months with relatively little interruption to my normal life. 

Except that whole 5 months of torture thing.  That might suck.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prom and Internet Prom

So with a bunch of my Internet friends talking about Internet Prom and then other people on Facebook and Twitter talking about their actual proms I got inspired to share my prom stories!

For those of you who don't know, there's this thing called Internet Prom this year (details and original video here and Facebook event page here).  I think it's an awesome concept and I would totally ask someone to Internet prom if I wasn't such a wuss.  And of course no one asked me, that's pretty par for the course here.  I guess it's something I should be used to.

I went to three proms during high school.  Two were with a friend, Robbie, to his high school's proms along with my best friend, Haili, whose boyfriend, Charles, also went to that school. They were really fun, we didn't dance much though, most of the fun was the dinner before hand and being idiots afterwards.  Haili and I didn't know many people at that high school so it wasn't much of a social event for us.

The second year we all went to Wendy's afterward and ended up Robbie's car got a flat tire!  He had one of those Jeep-like cars with the spare tire on back BUT the lock for the spare tire was rusted shut!  So we all piled into Charles' little Mustang and drove to Wal-Mart to get a spare tire.  It was cold and luckily I had some extra clothes with me so I put jeans on under my dress and a long-sleeve shirt over the top.  There used to be a picture of me in the Wal-Mart tire section in that outfit but I can't seem to find it.  There was also a photo of Haili and Charles walking through Wal-Mart in gown and tux.  For these two proms I didn't get a fancy dress (the black one was my dress for the winter formal a year or two earlier and the red one I had bought for something else, the Heart Ball I think) and I didn't get my hair or makeup done.  I'm just not your typical girl.

Check out how pale I was back in the day!  Jeez!  Oh man and look at those wispy piece of hair I left down in that first picture.  Hahah god I was such a dork!

So the same year as Robbie's senior prom was also the year of my Junior prom.  Much like above I didn't go and get my hair or makeup done or get a fancy dress or anything.

Instead, I rented a tux.

Tux with heels! (lookit that hair hahahaha) They had to fit me in a boys extra large vest because the men's small was still huge.  Also you can't see it but the coat had these AWESOME coat tails.  The guys at the tux place were incredibly helpful and sweet (the one even said he hoped when his daughter grew up that she would do something like this!)

Now I've heard stories in the news of girls getting denied entry to prom because they want to wear a tux, and I just want to say that I had absolutely NO problem getting in, and I grew up in South Carolina! If you want to wear a tux you should do it, don't be scared of what anyone will say or do (honestly the possibility of being let in didn't really cross my mind) just do it.  Be different if you want!

Junior prom was fun, we had a limo and we went with a group of friends, I didn't have a date but I was okay with that.  We socialized and danced a bit and left early.  I think we went to the beach but I don't remember much.  We didn't drink or party or anything, ended up all just going home.  I ended up being the last person dropped off at home in the limo and had a nice talk with the limo driver who told me stories of all the famous people he had driven around.

Me and Danny, who I'm pretty sure was a freshman that year!

Jamie and I

Hahaha Assistant Principal Spain who always confused me with this other girl, Jane (neither Jane or I thought we looked alike though).  He signed my yearbook as Tarzan.  Loved this guy.  I have a video of him somewhere dancing with a student in the gym at some peprally, it's hilarious.  I might post it on Tumblr later if I can.

Our prom group from left to right: Lindsay, Keli, Danny, Catherine, Me, Haili and Charles

My senior prom though? I skipped it.  I didn't have a date because no one asked me to go and I was too much of a puss to ask the guy I wanted (Pierce, if you're reading this hi!) to prom.  So I skipped it and instead a few friends of mine and I went to the Myrtle Beach Pavilion instead to enjoy it during it's last year of operation before they shut it down (and then I'm pretty sure I played WoW all night).

We had just ridden the Hydro Surge or whatever it was called like 5 times in a row and we all forgot to bring towels, driving home in soaked clothes sucked.

Do I regret not going?  I do, a bit.  Sometimes I think back and wish I had gone and gotten all pretty and whatnot.  I was a huge dork in high school and always wonder if I could've had one of those "She's All That" moments where I waltz into prom and everyone is like "Holy shit that's that nerdy girl?!"  No biggie though, high school was awesome and I look back on it fondly. Plus I don't think I could've topped the tux the year before anyway haha.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello Illinois

I got my Illinois driver’s license yesterday.  I’m not sure why I’m still so surprised by this, I mean it’s not like I had to take a driving test again (not that I’m a bad driver! I just don’t perform well under pressure).  

I guess it’s just I never truly thought I’d be committing myself to this place, or I guess I just love home so much I thought I’d never give up on going back some day when the job market is less shitty, and honestly I still hold out hope to move back to sunny, warm, beautiful beach weather someday. Fuck this North Pole shit.

But getting my IL license was needed, not only because my dad keeps threatening to sell my car, aka my one true love, but also because the picture on my South Carolina ID was so ridiculous.  I would show you a picture but I’m not sure I have any, and I’m too lazy to go find one.  But just imagine a 17 year old version of me, sunburnt face with a huge, goofy-ass smile, and long, straight hair that the top half is brown down to about my cheeks then it goes completely blonde. 

Yeah, I pretty much looked ridiculous, and it was so old that the picture didn’t really look like me anymore; mainly because I remember to dye my roots now.  I would get a lot of strange looks or double takes at my ID when trying to get into bars around here (or even a few ‘Can I see another form of identification?’).

My new ID picture?  I look gorgeous, which I hear is rare for a DL picture!  I’m looking to the side because I thought she had already taken the picture and got distracted by something on her desk, but honestly I think it adds to the cuteness.  My signature still looks like that of a 5 year old though.

So, as bittersweet as it is, I say goodbye to my South Carolina residency and say hello to Illinois and a much easier time getting into bars.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Losing it.

So I've been slowly losing the weight I gained during my nearly 2 year long relationship; my "relationship gut" per se even though I didn't ever have a gut, but I did gain about 15+ pounds. Bleh.

I attribute the weight gain to the fact that I was actually eating meals. Normally I'm not much of an eater, but with my ex we would have big dinners almost every night and snacks and beers on top of that.  Now everything is back to normal and I come home and just kinda snack on and off instead of forcing myself to down as much as I can of a meal.  I don't actually have a scale so I can't say for sure I'm losing the weight, but I can kind of tell I've lost some.

I always read that the majority of the time when you lose weight you lose it in your face first.  Apparently, this is not true for me as my face, or so I feel, is still kind of ... fatter than before.

Instead, of course given my luck, I'm losing weight in the only place I was happy to have gained it.

My boobs.

So good bye, slightly bigger boobs, it was nice knowing you.  Maybe someday we shall meet again under different circumstances.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dysfunctional relationship

I've had my laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1520, since December 2007.  I loved this laptop so much.  It was like love at first sight, and we had quite the whirlwind romance.

I remember it was one of the few laptops you could still get with XP when everyone else was selling Vista.  It had a great video card (Nvidia GeForce 8600GTM I believe) that wasn't advertised, as Dell was trying to get gamers to go with their XPSes at the time even though most of those came with integrated graphics for the same price I got my Inspiron.  He was rare in my eyes; special.  He swept me off my feet with his power at the time, gaming on him was incredible.

Over the years though, our relationship has declined.  My first charger and my first battery ceased working by the time December 2008 rolled around, but luckily my warranty (which I then renewed for another 3 years) replaced them both for free.  This was just our first bump in the road, our first real argument as a couple. But the parts were replaced, all was forgiven, and we continued our decently happy relationship for another year, before the death of yet another charger.  Soon after, things started to plummet downhill and we began to fight almost constantly.

To date I have gone through 4 chargers (or is it 5? I can't remember), 2 batteries, 2 hard drives, 1 motherboard, 1 keyboard and 1 webcam, all replaced or fixed for free through my warranty.

Last night my 4th, or 5th, charger stopped working and began smelling like burning. Lappy had been having charging issues for months now but I kept putting off sending him away because, as much as he annoys me, I feel lost without him.  But now I have no choice but to wait for Dell to send me a box and ship him off and wait for him to return to me.  I'm sure once he starts charging again everything will be just fine between us...for a while.

Dell's customer service and warranty have served me so well, and I love them for that.  And my laptop has survived many a fall off my (usually drunken) lap and much anger and much normal wear and tear abuse, but no laptop should have as many issues as this.  Especially when the brunt of the issues aren't with the laptop but with the charger!  The charger and I never had any quarrels and since I rarely travel with my laptop anymore it just goes to show that normal wear and tear can ruin a Dell charger very quickly.

For this reason, I will not be renewing my warranty after December 21st, nor will I be purchasing another Dell laptop.  My roommate, who has a Lenovo, has had her laptop a year longer than mine and has only had one issue (with the charger of course).

Sorry Dell, but I just don't think this is working out between us.  It's not me, it's you.