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Friday, August 26, 2011

BEDA - Day 26 - I've been hiding something from you guys

This past Saturday the Tenth Doctor (not the real one, the one from Comic Con, we're just friends) and I went out to the middle of fucking nowhere (Merrillville) Indiana for a tiny tiny tiny little anime convention known as Ramencon.  This was mainly because at the time I agreed to go I was still in post-con fever and figured this would get it out of my system.

I've been too embarrassed to admit this because I was afraid I would come off as a huge nerd.

But...I suppose I already do come off as a huge nerd, so I figured why keep hiding it!

Now when I say tiny tiny tiny little I mean it. There were only 3 panel rooms, a game room, a very small vendor area and I don't remember what else because I didn't care much. I was kinda hungover and wanted to go home and lay down and it was kinda boring (sorry Ramencon, I know you have to start somewhere!)

So we tried to find something to do and eventually I was like "alright fuck it let's go to the only friggen interesting looking panel for this voice actor I've never heard of." The voice actor is Troy Baker and holy shitballs he is a gorgeous piece of man. We actually passed him twice in the hallway on the way to his panel and I remarked on how he smelled "delicious." Can you tell I need to get laid?

His panel was hilarious, very funny guy, amazing voice and (I'm sure) an amazing voice actor. I don't think I've heard many of the roles he's played, probably just those in video games since I haven't watched much anime in the past 5 years.

But basically, the reason I was finally inspired to write about Saturday is because Troy did an acoustic set after his Q&A panel. And his rendition of Radiohead's "Creep" has been stuck in my head for the past few days. I know they had a camera going but I can't find anything from Ramencon of his set. The closest I can find is a video of him singing it from a con earlier in the summer here.

I think I'm in lust with his voice.

And some clips from his Q&A here!

I'm regretting not sticking around to meet him.

Also, there was this girl sitting in front of us who was apparently madly in love with one of the characters he played she was squeeing like CRAZY and I think at one point she was crying she was so happy (he said a line from said character). The high pitch noises she kept making were making me worry that she might explode.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear UPS,

Why do you hate me?

You used to leave my packages, the ones that said no signature was required. But back in May you stopped. Just suddenly you stopped. You even had me sign the doortag once only to leave me another doortag on top of it the next day.

Why would you do that to me?

I mean, I can understand for expensive things like my laptop. But cheap things?

You left my roommates $40+ worth of Mass Effect books (nerd) but you won't leave my $20 Sonic Screwdriver (also nerd)? Why?

You always do it when it's something I really want too.  I tracked the package all day and was home during your "First attempt" but, no, you just must've seen the broken doorbell and said "WELP guess I tried."

I know our doorbell is broken, but that's why the note on it says "Out of Order PLEASE KNOCK." Do you see that big, open window upstairs? Seriously just knock on the door, I can hear it. I can hear my roommates opening the door when they come home, I'm sure I can hear your fist pounding on it.

The FedEx guy figured it out, why can't you?

Review of The Sims Social on Facebook

It's a Sims version of Farmville.

That's all you really need to know.

End of review.

If you really want to know more:

Your Sim does not age, you can't create your Sim a family, your Sim will not go to work or school, etc. You cannot speed up the game so instead you get to watch your Sim walking slowly across the house/yard/whatever.

You get so many energy points that regenerate every so many minutes. Then you do mindless repetitive tasks to make money to buy shit to decorate your house. However, basic Sim actions like eating and sleeping do not cost energy (sleeping doesn't get you more energy though either).

The only other Sims you can interact with are your Facebook friends' Sims, which is kind of weird when you start getting quests telling you to profess your attraction for a Sim. You're encouraged to visit your friends houses and get bonus energy for visiting them and helping them out with shit like repairing their microwave or cleaning their toilet.

I don't think you can WooHoo. Which, honestly, could be kind of awkward when you think about it.

Some reason I only get romantic options for my female Sim with male neighbor Sims, which maybe I'm just not trying hard enough with the girls but I could see people getting offended.

My Sim is also, as of about 5 minutes ago, apparently dating another person's Sim and I don't really remember agreeing to this? Or maybe I was just clicking through all my in-game messages so fast that I failed to read the "Our Sims should date" one. I'm not going to read all those things, they're wordy and there are a lot of them. Accept accept accept oh wait my Sim is in a relationship now? Shit.

I wonder, if there is WooHooing, if you have to send a request for that. "Ryan would like your Sim and his Sim to WooHoo. He also thinks that you and he should do the same."

My Sim showers with her bathing suit on. Uh. Okay.

Remember the loading issues with Farmville/Frontierville? Where you'd do some work and the game would suddenly say "Whoops! We ran into a problem and have to reload." and then you lost all that work and had to go do it again? Yeah, it's there in The Sims Social too.

Building your house, which I know is the favorite part of The Sims for some people, is a dumbed down version of the real game. You only get pre-made room dimension options and then you have to wait for friends to come help you build it.

Plus if you really want to get anywhere in the game (finish quests/build new rooms of your house/build furniture/level up yeah that's right, your Sim has fucking levels now) you'll either have to spend real money for SimCash or have fun spamming your friends and news feed for shit!

UPDATE: You can, indeed, Woo Hoo other Sims.

And then you can inform the rest of Facebook about the fact that your Sim just got laid and you didn't.

Also you can trim another Sim's bush.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The most creative way I've been asked out

Yesterday someone asked me on Tumblr what was the most creative way I've been asked out, and I was like "eh nothing really"

But I forgot about this.

There was this campus wide game of tag that was going on my freshman year of college. You were on teams and each week your team was given a new team to target. The thing was, you had to be wearing a red clown nose (I still have mine somewhere I think) before the person saw you and then you had to tag them with the DeTag sticker.

Much fun was had, seeing people running while being chased by someone with a clown nose.

One week someone figured out which dorm room I was in (wtf) and this guy ended up camping outside my dorm room to tag me. I ended up skipping class to avoid getting tagged one of the days that he was there, but another night he slid a note under my door, offering to buy me lunch if I let him tag me since he had no night class and got my schedule and knew I had to leave at some point (kinda wtf again).

Eventually I had to leave for that class, since I couldn't miss it, so I let him tag me. We did end up going out after that and dated for most of our freshman year.

And that's that.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con - Sunday

I woke up at 7:30am on Sunday, even though my alarm was set for 9:30, with a massive headache thanks to all the wine the night before. I got myself some water and my bag of mini donuts and spent the next two hours in bed with my laptop while stuffing my face.

Eventually Cathy got up, just as hangovery as me, and we grudgingly got ready and then left to head back to Comic Con. We left KL behind since she had plans already for the day.  Lucky for us traffic wasn't nearly as bad and we found a parking spot almost no problem! (Note: we played "Midnight Train to Georgia" throughout the parking garage experience again).

We went to the Evil Dead reunion panel, which was absolutely hilarious, and then decided to skip The Boondock Saints panel in order to go get some energy drinks before we both died. Since there's a McDonald's next to the gas station I also got some burgers and ate these on the walk back to the convention center. So delicious.

I met up with my sexy Tenth Doctor again and we hung out for a bit.  Then we wandered around for a bit before coming upon the Sugar Gamers booth, where Cathy immediately started playing Bulletstorm and got hooked for well over an hour. I managed to buy a can of Cherry Bawls off some kid for a couple bucks, which made my day because I'd been craving it all morning.

Oh, Cathy wore her C-3PO backpack and had people asking for pictures with her/it all day. It was awesome.

We spent most of that day just wandering around the vendor area, and spent probably a good hour and a half talking to the super cute guys of Five Year Mission, a band that writes songs for every episode of Star Trek Original Series.

Cute! This is much better than the picture on their camera, in which I look as hungover as I felt thanks to blinking mid picture.

After a while we started to feel extremely exhausted and headachey, and there was only about 30 minutes of the con left anyway, so we headed home.

The rest of the day was spent lounging, gaming and napping on the couches.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con - Saturday

So I figured I could split up my Comic Con experience into two posts since it was just THAT awesome and since we decided to go two days instead of just the one.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I fucking hate AT&T

A few months ago I swore off tweeting about how much I hate AT&T. Why? Because I felt like it was becoming a far too often occurrence.

Except now it's become all bottled up inside of me. Especially now, with summer here, the service is even worse with tourists, festivals and fucking Cubs games.

So I'm just going to let it all out:

I fucking hate you, AT&T.

I hate you so much that I'm counting down the days till my contract is up. (310 left by the way).

I hate that when I'm downtown my phone works better (and by better I mean AT ALL) when I turn 3G off. That's right, I run on the fucking EDGE network because if I don't then nothing loads! Apparently every fucking person in the loop is also on your shitty 3G network!

I hate that if there's a Cubs game that my phone is rendered completely useless at my apartment, even though we live 1.5 miles west of Wrigley Field.

I hate that my roommate has an iPhone on Verizon and it loads a bajillion times faster than mine. I also hate that she gets signal almost everywhere! Oh group texts are coming to her but not to the other two of us on AT&T? Well shit.

I hate that you say I can't do data and voice at the same time on Verizon and that's your only selling point for me to stay with you. Except, I can only do data and voice if I'm on your fucking 3G network which, as already discussed, hardly ever works! I've also noticed that, sometimes, once I start a call that my 3G will magically disappear.

AT&T: Voice and data at the same time! HAHAH, just kidding. It doesn't work either.

I hate that I know where the deadzones are on the L. I hate that there are deadzones at all.

I hate that if I have 3 bars and a 3G signal it really means I have no signal, because my phone basically says "Oh you want that to load? Fuck you."  2 bars? Works. 4 bars? Works. 3 bars? Fuck you.

I hate that I'm trying to send an email from my phone RIGHT FUCKING NOW and it won't send!

I cannot wait until I am done with your joke of a service.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm not a very good cook

Hopefully, whoever I end up marrying (hah, unlikely) ends up being someone who enjoys cooking.

Or enjoys teaching someone how to cook.

Or enjoys eating multiple failures of food and telling me it's not that bad and stomaching through it anyway only to throw it up immediately after.

(Just kidding my cooking isn't THAT terrible)

Or maybe I will just spend the rest of my days alone, skipping a real dinner and continuing to snack on fruits and crackers or eating bowls of cereal.

I do like baking, baking is easy. It's precise. It's science for hungry people. Not to mention that most everything you can bake ends up as sweet and delicious future diabetes food.

But cooking? Cooking is too interpretive. "Flavor to taste." Well, fuck, I don't know how this is going to taste once it's done cooking. How the hell can I flavor to taste now?

I can cook a few things, like chicken, I can cook chicken. That's a pretty hard one to fuck up, I think. All I need to do there is branch out and start trying different marinades and shit. I can make good burgers, but I always left the cooking of the burgers up to the grillmaster ex-boyfriend. Pretty much most grillable, red meat items were his duty. Oh men and their grills.

I can also make most common breakfast items (not just cereal) and grilled cheese.

Except that last time I made grilled cheese. Normally I make pretty decent grilled cheese, but last time I don't know what went wrong. My bread didn't toast or burn at all, even though the pan was sufficiently hot. Instead my bread suddenly developed a hole in it, leaking hot, delicious cheese all over the pan.

I then decided that I would rectify this by patching up the bread hole with some more bread. But the only slice of bread left in the bag was one of those end pieces.

Oh well it would have to do, else my future dinner would continue hemorrhaging cheese everywhere.

Eventually the sandwich started to kind of cook, but not nearly enough despite me standing there for what felt like forever waiting for it to cook.

The end result ended up being a decently delicious, yet incredibly ugly looking, grilled cheese sandwich.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I have a problem...

Sometimes I'll start cleaning and can hardly stop myself. I just keep going and going and seeing one more thing to clean.

It doesn't happen all the time, but it seems to be happening more and more frequently.

It'll start out as something small, like I'll wipe up something spilled on the counter.

Which then turns into cleaning that whole section of the counter.

Then all of the counters.

Then all of the flat surfaces in the kitchen.

Then emptying the dishwasher so that I can put all the dishes in the sink into it and then clean the sink; then sweep the floor; then cleaning out the fridge and taking out the trash.

And before you know it whatever it is that I was doing before hand had been completely forgotten and the whole kitchen is now clean.

I find it very therapeutic.

Does anyone else do this too or am I just crazy?

In related news: I cleaned the whole downstairs of the apartment today!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Reunion - Saturday

I woke up Saturday morning around 9am.

Actually, that's a lie.

I woke up at 5am and then every hour until 9am because the fridge in our room was making some ridiculously obnoxious noise that sounded like the mix between being hit with a hammer and a coffee maker percolating.

At 9am I eventually gave up on trying to sleep in and got up.

The next few hours were spent showering and getting all pretty and then waiting on my aunt Angela and mom to do the same. Then we joined Uncle Jim, Aunt Julie and my cousin Joey and went downtown to The West Side Market. I LOVED it there. I was drooling at all the fruit and pastries, especially since I had yet to eat that day.

Eventually we met up with a butt-ton of other family members (I think there were 13 of us in total) and we went to the Great Lakes Brewing Company for lunch.

My mom's whole family loves beer (and none of us like hoppy beers/IPAs). My mom and her siblings once bought my grandpa a brew your own beer kit and I remember him having special occasion beers for every wedding and reunion. He stopped doing it now but I hope if I ever get married that I'll get my own wedding brew.  My mom has always made a point to try a new beer whenever she can, which is what encouraged me to do my beer list.

So my mom and I, of course, decided to get their sampler of all the beers they had on tap and share it.

All the beers we got to try. The EdmundFitzgeraldPorter was definitely my fav (I love dark beers), followed by the Market Street Wheat and Wright Pils.

 So good.

What my mother and I decided to do after drinking them all.

After lunch we went back to the market, got some food (mmm cherries), and went back to the hotel where we then proceeded to nap for a while.

After our nap we went downstairs by the pool where the whole family was getting ready to grill for dinner. The next few hours consisted of my Uncle Tim repeatedly asking me if I needed another beer.  Mostly just had Blue Moon (IN A CAN WHAT?!) and Angela had brought some growlers of Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale, which was pretty damned good.

When it got late enough (so that my cousin in Japan would be awake) we Skyped her on an iPad and passed it around so the whole family could say hi! It made it a little better, but I still missed my favorite cousin being there.

As more people started going to bed, the only other cousin who is 21+ talked my two youngest uncles, into playing beer pong. Eventually more family members got involved and I got chosen to be the designated drinker (I don't really play beer pong, I'm terrible at it) for one of my cousins who is still in high school.

Family bonding memories that will last a lifetime...unless you drink too much.

We also tried out our Guinness Ice Cream Float recipe that we had seen online, which consisted of Guinness and vanilla ice cream. It was pretty incredible. The liquid part just tasted like Guinness and the ice cream tasted like heaven in my mouth. Seriously. If you like Guinness and you like ice cream then get on this shit.

Pretty sure I had a mouthgasm from the ice cream part of the float.

One aunt and I also went on a beer run for the group (she was my designated driver!) and we got hit on while standing in line. I'm a pretty socially awkward person so I really don't care for getting hit on, but my aunt was thrilled since she's married with two kids. Hahah. 

After that we stayed up a while longer and talked and drank before we all headed to bed.