Monday, October 15, 2012

Two weddings and a break

I've gone to two weddings in the past month. One for my cousin in Indiana, and another for a friend in Iowa.

I flew into Indiana two days before my cousin's wedding, mainly so I could spend a bunch of time with my dad, who I miss very very much. We spent one night at McCormick's Creek State Park and did a little hike while we were there too.

The hat was actually just something in the park's souvenir shop. 

The falls at McCormick's Creek...very hurt by the drought.

The rest of the time was spent on Indiana University campus as that was were the wedding was!

The wedding was beautiful, and I'm so happy for my cousin and her husband. Her dress was SO beautiful.

It was a super fun reception with my super fun family. Shame Rich couldn't make it and finally meet some of my family and my Dad.

We danced and drank and the cake was red velvet and delicious. I got to visit with my grandma and aunts and uncles. I have the best family, on both sides.

The second wedding I went to was two weeks later in Des Moines, Iowa. It was a very metal wedding and I bought some new, studded, kickass heels to wear to it. I don't think any of the groomsmen didn't have long hair. The bride wore a BEAUTIFUL black dress, and they exchanged black titanium rings. The tables at the reception had little chocolate skulls as gifts at each seat, and metal was played instead of typical dancing music. I have pictures, but I'm not sure the bride and groom would want me posting them so publicly on the Internet.

After the wedding we went to some bar, High Life Lounge, which was connected to another bar (whose name I don't remember) that had a crapton of beers on tap! I finally got to try the coveted Boulevard Wheat...unfortunately I was too drunk to really remember much of it. Tasted like a 312 from the vague bits I remember... And we also ordered Tangermeisters at High Life, since they were the signature drink of the bar. Tang + Jager = who the fuck thought of this?

I'm happy to say that (except for maybe one trip in November) I won't be traveling anywhere for a while. Thank goodness. Between American Airlines leaving my luggage in Dallas after my cousin's wedding and my connection in Denver from the Iowa wedding being canceled, I think it's safe to say that I'm sick of airports and airlines and traveling in general. I also don't know of any more weddings (that I'm invited to at least) coming up!

Just a whole bunch of relaxation coming up for me.

Oh. And I might be starting up the Couch-to-5k program. But uh...knowing my track record with working out, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Being a lazy butt,


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