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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why I dislike essays.

Despite the fact that I am a decently talented writer, especially when it comes to essays, I absolutely abhor the act of writing them. I hate being told to write this about this and argue a point about it.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing, but I enjoy writing when it's something I'm passionate about or something I believe in. If I didn't like writing I wouldn't post blogs. I do not enjoy writing when it's a topic being force fed to me.

Such is the case of the essay I just finished working on. After a whole day of procrastination, which involved cleaning my computer and keyboard, and some porn [procrastination orgasms are arguably some of the best], and enjoying even some of the most pointless of websites, I finally decided I had reached the point where my only option was to start the essay.

We were given a choice of topics. I chose this one: "What brought about the upheavals of 1857? What happened? How would you characterize the uprising?"

The first two questions only ask me to regurgitate the knowledge I have been given through the books for the class and the in class lectures. This type of knowledge regurgitation requires little to no thought process, as the materials you need [books, notes, intArweb, etc] are at your disposal.

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