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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Know what I hate?


More specifically, the textbook industry. College kids are being ripped off as is with tuition prices. What, when students in Europe get free university education, and I'm here payin' $30k a year to get me some learnins.

I paid $80 for a book today. $80 dollars for a paperback book that is no bigger than your typical paperback novel. It is ri-damn-diculous how expensive textbooks are. I'm lucky that two of my professors have said the earlier edition is fine (because older edition books are cheap as hell on sites like Amazon because most schools are only selling/using the newer ones) and that my Japanese book from last quarter is good for the first three Japanese courses.

So while my total of $97 (Chicago sales tax is a bitch) for books this quarter isn't as bad as say, $300, it's still a royal pain in the ass. And a hole in the pocket.

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