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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Odd-Tasting Dogfood

Now I've never actually tasted dog food, so I wouldn't know what would be considered odd tasting and what would be considered normal, a question one day popped up in my mind when I spotted the big tupperware filled with my dog's food.

Do you think that your dog's food ever tastes odd to them?

You know what I mean by odd tasting. A cucumber that's a little too bitter, salsa that doesn't taste quite right, sweet tea without enough sugar, meat that tastes a little old, those pre-packaged brownies that some reason after biting into one you realize that this one wasn't mixed up properly and there's a giant spot of something powdery and white on the inside of it and you're not quite sure what it is but you know you want it off your tongue right now.

So what about your dog, or your cat, hell even your goldfish (okay maybe not goldfish, I've seen mine turn around to eat his own poop before). Do you think they ever eat a bit of their food, pause and think "This doesn't taste quite right. It needed to be mixed a little bit more, and possibly more chicken." ?

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