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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dysfunctional relationship

I've had my laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1520, since December 2007.  I loved this laptop so much.  It was like love at first sight, and we had quite the whirlwind romance.

I remember it was one of the few laptops you could still get with XP when everyone else was selling Vista.  It had a great video card (Nvidia GeForce 8600GTM I believe) that wasn't advertised, as Dell was trying to get gamers to go with their XPSes at the time even though most of those came with integrated graphics for the same price I got my Inspiron.  He was rare in my eyes; special.  He swept me off my feet with his power at the time, gaming on him was incredible.

Over the years though, our relationship has declined.  My first charger and my first battery ceased working by the time December 2008 rolled around, but luckily my warranty (which I then renewed for another 3 years) replaced them both for free.  This was just our first bump in the road, our first real argument as a couple. But the parts were replaced, all was forgiven, and we continued our decently happy relationship for another year, before the death of yet another charger.  Soon after, things started to plummet downhill and we began to fight almost constantly.

To date I have gone through 4 chargers (or is it 5? I can't remember), 2 batteries, 2 hard drives, 1 motherboard, 1 keyboard and 1 webcam, all replaced or fixed for free through my warranty.

Last night my 4th, or 5th, charger stopped working and began smelling like burning. Lappy had been having charging issues for months now but I kept putting off sending him away because, as much as he annoys me, I feel lost without him.  But now I have no choice but to wait for Dell to send me a box and ship him off and wait for him to return to me.  I'm sure once he starts charging again everything will be just fine between us...for a while.

Dell's customer service and warranty have served me so well, and I love them for that.  And my laptop has survived many a fall off my (usually drunken) lap and much anger and much normal wear and tear abuse, but no laptop should have as many issues as this.  Especially when the brunt of the issues aren't with the laptop but with the charger!  The charger and I never had any quarrels and since I rarely travel with my laptop anymore it just goes to show that normal wear and tear can ruin a Dell charger very quickly.

For this reason, I will not be renewing my warranty after December 21st, nor will I be purchasing another Dell laptop.  My roommate, who has a Lenovo, has had her laptop a year longer than mine and has only had one issue (with the charger of course).

Sorry Dell, but I just don't think this is working out between us.  It's not me, it's you.

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