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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Losing it.

So I've been slowly losing the weight I gained during my nearly 2 year long relationship; my "relationship gut" per se even though I didn't ever have a gut, but I did gain about 15+ pounds. Bleh.

I attribute the weight gain to the fact that I was actually eating meals. Normally I'm not much of an eater, but with my ex we would have big dinners almost every night and snacks and beers on top of that.  Now everything is back to normal and I come home and just kinda snack on and off instead of forcing myself to down as much as I can of a meal.  I don't actually have a scale so I can't say for sure I'm losing the weight, but I can kind of tell I've lost some.

I always read that the majority of the time when you lose weight you lose it in your face first.  Apparently, this is not true for me as my face, or so I feel, is still kind of ... fatter than before.

Instead, of course given my luck, I'm losing weight in the only place I was happy to have gained it.

My boobs.

So good bye, slightly bigger boobs, it was nice knowing you.  Maybe someday we shall meet again under different circumstances.

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