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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am NOT a morning person

I never really have been.

I just really hate that initial getting out of bed thing; I mean I do it, reluctantly, but I complain and feel sleepy all day. I'm very rarely late for work, because I'll force myself out of bed if I have to be somewhere. But if it's a weekend and I want to go lay out early morning at the beach...usually I'll end up hitting snooze and sleep till noon anyway. Do you know how hard it is to get a spot at the beach at noon? Yeah.

I never really got into the whole coffee thing.

Okay that's a lie, I did once. I fell in love with coffee for a while and was going to buy an Aeropress and a French press and a bean grinder...up until I had that one really bad panic attack after having a huge coffee, then I called it quits on the coffee.  The only coffee I'll drink now is an iced coffee or frappuccino once every now and then.

I never really got into the whole energy drink thing.

Except Bawls, but it's so damned hard to find. I just had to buy a case from the Internet. Red Bull smells like piss and I imagine it tastes like it too. Hell Red Bull + Vodka is one of the few drinks guaranteed to make me vomit even if I have just one. Gross.  Monster tastes like melted skittles, Rockstar is okay but still has that slight Red Bull smell to it and then I haven't bothered trying anything else.

And even then I never really drink Bawls in the morning.

I never really got into the whole going to bed at a decent time thing.

It's like once it hits 9:30-10pm I get this second wind and could go till 2 or 3am. Everynight. Even if I was exhausted all day it still happens. Like right now, it's 12:30am and I said I was going to go to bed early. Although not that it really matters, cause I went to bed at fucking 11pm last night and was still just as tired as I was when going to bed at 2am.

There was only one time I was ever close to being a morning person. I could wake up at 7 or 8am everyday and have almost no trouble. I won't lie, it was a great feeling to not waste a whole day; To be up with the sun and feel like you're actually accomplishing things.

It was for a guy of course, go figure.

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