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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Origin of ExplodedSoda

I've had a few people ask within the past few days the explanation behind the "ExplodedSoda" username, so I figured I'd just type it up here.

Back in middle school/early high school I hung out in a chatroom called Ninworld.

It stood for Nintendo World not Nine Inch Nails World.

This chat was a huge part of my life back then, no joke these people were some of my closest friends; that's a story for another time though.

My username for that chat was something much more ridiculous than ExplodedSoda (Kittychu hahah shutup). There was another girl in the chat by the name of QueenGirl, or something similar, and at one point she was trying to make as many original AIM screennames as she could. I think her goal was 150 or whatever the buddy list cap was back then.

So, being the competitive spirit that I am, I decided to do the same thing. Anything witty/funny/interesting that came to mind (or anything I suddenly found descriptive of myself) I'd immediately go to and put it in and see if it was available. There's a notebook somewhere in my mom's house that lists all my AIM screennames, I think I have about 70ish total?

So, freshman year of high school at marching band practice one day, my friends and I sat down during break to eat our snacks. My friend, Haili, had been marching with a Sprite in her marching pouch and when she went to open it, it just blew up everywhere and I was like "OH MAN! Exploding Sprite that sounds like a great screen name!"

Yep. That was my honest first thought when it happened. God, I was such a nerd..

So I got home and by that point ExplodingSprite had changed to ExplodedSoda in my mind and, lo and behold, it wasn't taken! It immediately became my favorite AIM screenname (my old main was PixiStixCat hahah jeez) and I've used it ever since for pretty much everything online.

Over 8 years of ExplodedSoda!


Anonymous said...

totally knew it was marching band related. (yes i just read your blog; bored at the office)


this is barbara (bkporque) btw. blogspot got sketchy on me

R said...

haha I rememeber pixistixcat!

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