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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm not a very good cook

Hopefully, whoever I end up marrying (hah, unlikely) ends up being someone who enjoys cooking.

Or enjoys teaching someone how to cook.

Or enjoys eating multiple failures of food and telling me it's not that bad and stomaching through it anyway only to throw it up immediately after.

(Just kidding my cooking isn't THAT terrible)

Or maybe I will just spend the rest of my days alone, skipping a real dinner and continuing to snack on fruits and crackers or eating bowls of cereal.

I do like baking, baking is easy. It's precise. It's science for hungry people. Not to mention that most everything you can bake ends up as sweet and delicious future diabetes food.

But cooking? Cooking is too interpretive. "Flavor to taste." Well, fuck, I don't know how this is going to taste once it's done cooking. How the hell can I flavor to taste now?

I can cook a few things, like chicken, I can cook chicken. That's a pretty hard one to fuck up, I think. All I need to do there is branch out and start trying different marinades and shit. I can make good burgers, but I always left the cooking of the burgers up to the grillmaster ex-boyfriend. Pretty much most grillable, red meat items were his duty. Oh men and their grills.

I can also make most common breakfast items (not just cereal) and grilled cheese.

Except that last time I made grilled cheese. Normally I make pretty decent grilled cheese, but last time I don't know what went wrong. My bread didn't toast or burn at all, even though the pan was sufficiently hot. Instead my bread suddenly developed a hole in it, leaking hot, delicious cheese all over the pan.

I then decided that I would rectify this by patching up the bread hole with some more bread. But the only slice of bread left in the bag was one of those end pieces.

Oh well it would have to do, else my future dinner would continue hemorrhaging cheese everywhere.

Eventually the sandwich started to kind of cook, but not nearly enough despite me standing there for what felt like forever waiting for it to cook.

The end result ended up being a decently delicious, yet incredibly ugly looking, grilled cheese sandwich.

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Chirayu said...

+1'd mainly cuz of the QC reference, but also +1'd cuz I also suck at cooking and don't really enjoy it either.

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