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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The most creative way I've been asked out

Yesterday someone asked me on Tumblr what was the most creative way I've been asked out, and I was like "eh nothing really"

But I forgot about this.

There was this campus wide game of tag that was going on my freshman year of college. You were on teams and each week your team was given a new team to target. The thing was, you had to be wearing a red clown nose (I still have mine somewhere I think) before the person saw you and then you had to tag them with the DeTag sticker.

Much fun was had, seeing people running while being chased by someone with a clown nose.

One week someone figured out which dorm room I was in (wtf) and this guy ended up camping outside my dorm room to tag me. I ended up skipping class to avoid getting tagged one of the days that he was there, but another night he slid a note under my door, offering to buy me lunch if I let him tag me since he had no night class and got my schedule and knew I had to leave at some point (kinda wtf again).

Eventually I had to leave for that class, since I couldn't miss it, so I let him tag me. We did end up going out after that and dated for most of our freshman year.

And that's that.

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