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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear UPS, part 2

I know I've complained about your service before, but I just couldn't help but share how completely contradictory your policies are. Little over a week ago you were set to deliver my new, $1200 laptop. I figured, from our past dealings, that you would just leave me a doortag and I'd have to wait an extra day or two. 

But on my walk home that day I saw your truck! And I ran to catch it before the driver took off.

"Did you have a package for this address?"
"Yeah I left it on the porch."

You left my twelve hundred fucking dollar laptop on my porch? I mean yeah, I live in a pretty safe neighborhood and it would have been convenient had I actually missed your delivery, but really? $1200 item left on my fucking porch?

A few days later I ordered some cat food on Amazon for my cat because:
1. The pet store is far and I'm lazy.
2. It was cheaper and free 2-day shipping woo!

Guess what I came home to find a UPS doortag on the door for, two days later?

Fuck you, UPS.

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