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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy PAX East(er)!

This past weekend my two amazing roommates, KL and Cathy, and I went to Boston for PAX East, which was a crazy fun time filled with much walking, standing in lines and partying.

We flew out Thursday evening and it just so happened that Rich, amazing boyfriend, had a four hour layover on his trip back from Rome in the same airport we were flying out of! So I arrived at the airport earlier than I usual so we could hang out and be disgustingly cute in general.

We landed in Boston around 9pm and went and met up with a few friends who work for Steelseries, Stu and Jon, Stu's girlfriend, Kayla, and a few other people who's twitter names I still have but their real names have been erased from memory by copious amounts of margarita.

I drank far too much that night and was decently hungover when we woke up the next morning. 

Friday! First day of PAX East! We stood in a ridiculously long line before they let us onto the floor and we spent the next so many hours wandering around and just getting a general lay of the area and making mental notes of what we HAD to see.

 Table top gaming area

We stood in line for probably an hour and a half to play Borderlands 2 which was incredible! I never played the first but I'm actually really excited for the second one now. Most of the other lines were so long that they were capped and a few hours before the floor closed we decided to go take naps so that we would be ready to party all night.

We had dinner at Legal Sea Foods, afterwards headed to the invite-only Wargaming World of Tanks 1 Year Anniversary party! It was crazy fun, they had rented out this entire, two story club for the party - open bar all night, go-go dancers, and a photobooth. At some point that night I got Streetpass tagged by iJustine! (damn right I took my 3DS to the parties!) We got a little tipsy, danced on stage A LOT (and got danced all up ons by random guys a lot), talked to people from Curse and Riot Games and such. So much fun. SO much fun!

Oh holy hangover, Saturday morning, why did we do that last night? Oh yeah cause it was free and we were on the list. Slow morning on Saturday, didn't get to the convention until like 1pm after a very late brunch...hell at that point it was past noon so I don't even think it counts as brunch anymore.

Got to see the Assassin's Creed III gameplay footage (and got an inflatable tomahawk yayay). I'm so excited for this game. I don't think I can properly put into words how excited I am for this game (and for my inflatable tomahawk). We also all preordered the game while at PAX East and got fancy, PAX exclusive, Assassin's Creed III shirts.

Then we went to the MEGA64 panel, which was hilarious, especially the Skyward Sword skit they showed us. Then back to the hotel to eat and get all fancied up for the Rooster Teeth and TwitchTV party!

We got VIP to the party so there was more open bar. Ran into a few of the PMS Gamer Girls that we knew, ran into our friend Stone from Ubisoft (PR for Assassin's Creed) and tormented him for a while. Oh, and once the MEGA64 guys started dancing so did everyone else. And, of course, when given a dance floor and good music (and booze) I just can't help but dance! I also met some guys from Funimation who happened to be there for both AnimeBoston and PAX East, and we discussed Ouran High School Host club for a while before my group decided we needed to go to the Curse party too.

The Curse party was probably the least awesome of all the parties (I blame the guy who forced me to bite him...long story...) but still pretty damned awesome. We met one of the community managers guy from Blizzard, Chad, and also got a picture with Rana McAnear dressed as Samara (the model both Morinth and Samara from Mass Effect were based off of). Uh, can you say fangirling much?

Sunday was more hangovering, checking out of our hotel and going to the convention for some last minute walking around and saying bye to people. There weren't many other games there that interested me enough to stand in line for an hour+. I do wish I had gotten to play Sonic the Hedgehog 4 but the line was always super long. Oh and I saw my friend from college, Ryan, at his booth for his game company The Men Who Wear Many Hats and their game Organ Trail (like Oregon Trail with ZOMBIES). Oh and we went to the X-Play Live panel, which was filmed as an episode and will air on Wednesday. The one camera guy was right next to us for a while so maybe you'll see my face!

I really, really need to get a job in this industry that allows me to go to events like this all the time.

EDIT: I also bought a mustache monocle. Classy.


Weasel said...

Seriously, how were you still standing the next days?! I mean, maybe I just get super rough hangovers when I get them, but I'm sure not getting up the next day to play video games, haha. None the less, sounds like you had a great time! Also, I love Cathy for ew-ing every time you and Rich were together. Spoken like a true single person. XD

E said...

I love that they have LAN, tabletop, and CCG areas, but man, with everything to see, I'd have a hard time deciding to sit down doing something I could probably do locally. You have much wisdom in jonesing for Borderlands 2. The first one is tons of fun. You should get it. Like, right now. That group shot makes me chuckle because Cathy is like, "Noh. Won't smile."

Soda said...

My liver has been well trained.

Soda said...

And I really didn't drink that much, averaged a few beers each night...cept that first night with the margaritas, that was brutal.

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