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Monday, July 28, 2014

Nerdy Gift Guide - Pokemon!

Pokeball Sweatshirt

Available on Amazon

Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

Available from ThinkGeek

Available on RedBubble

Pikachu Crewneck

Available From KidBuu

Pokemon Starter Leggings

Available from Amazon

Gym Badge Pins

Available at Amazon

Pokemon Socks

Available from Amazon

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Pokeball Poke-Kini

Available From Fit2btiedclothing

Pokeball Umbrella

Available on Etsy created by CassaRaptorCreations

Pokeball Mug

Available on Amazon

Custom X/Y Trainer Hat

Available on Etsy created by Akiseo

Available from Kari Fry

Pokeball Wooden Plugs

Available on Etsy from EarEmporium

Pokeball Plush

Available on Etsy from HollyStarlight

Available on Amazon

Available on Etsy from PuppyBaoCreations

Ash's Hat

Available on Amazon

Pokeball Dress

Available on Etsy from cleighcreations

Field Guide to Kanto

Available from Fangamer

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