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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finally finished Mass Effect 3

Stayed up till like...3am last night finishing Mass Effect 3 . I would've been done before 2am, but APPARENTLY [SPOILERS] in the Extended Cut if you try to shoot the catalyst at the end it gives you a new, not good 4th ending! [/SPOILERS]


So I had to restart from the beginning of the last section and watch all the fucking cutscenes again and go through all the dialogue options and then NOT jokingly shoot at the catalyst and get the ending I really wanted.

It was pretty alright I guess. I enjoyed the stories told and wrapped up throughout the rest of the game more than the ending though. I feel kind of sad though that all this time I put in with these characters has finally come to an end and I won't here any more of their stories from here on out. I mean, yeah, there is DLC but I think BioWare has said that none of the DLC they'll put out will ever cover post-ME3 ending. I'm already missing them so much that I think I might just have to go download all the DLC and play through it.

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Synbios said...

Citadel DLC is amazing. The best one of the 3

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