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Monday, July 1, 2013

iOS to Google Hangout Emoji Comparison

Update: RIP Blob Emoji - Google is finally replacing its bad emoji blobs in Android O

Ever wonder what your iOS emoji look like on Google Hangout or what your Google Hangout emoticons look like to your iPhone friends? Google has made an emoji to match each iOS emoji in Hangout, except they aren't always quite the same. For example, the yellow heart in iOS is a hairy, pink heart in Hangouts. What?! After failing to find a conversion chart online I decided to just sit down and make my own.

I've finished all the iOS emoji sections except the symbols/signs since really they don't change much between the two.

iOS Emoji is on top, the corresponding Google Hangout Emoji is on the bottom.






matt norris said...

For Android, that is how they appear on the keyboard, once typed they tend to look different.

Michel Longpré Boisvert said...

Nice work but Google changed it can you update please. Thanks

Ashley Laumbach said...

Could you do android vs iPhone emoji?

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